Combat burnout and errand paralysis

#5 Product of the DayOctober 07, 2019
Helping you combat the effects of burnout and errand paralysis – one task at a time.
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Love the minimal design, although I was hoping it would do my errands for me. 😬
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@rrhoover Thanks! Maybe someday :)
Hello Product Hunt! @evancloutierr and I are excited to share the launch of the new Ivy. If you’re like us, you’ve probably started thinking of mundane to-dos in your life as new responsibilities. You know, things like grocery shopping, doing laundry, getting a haircut, and cleaning the apartment. But many of these to-dos are frequently put-off. In fact, the amount of to-dos seems to be growing. But why does something like responding to an email from a friend or family member seem so unimportant or overwhelming, leading us to tell ourselves it can wait? We know it will only take a few minutes and we’ll feel good after, but why can’t we bring ourselves to just get it done? Surely it requires significantly less effort, planning, organization, and coordination than what we are doing at work. So why is it that a list of everyday to-dos seems so insurmountable, when we have endless time and energy for work? Perhaps it’s due to burnout. Millennials may be the burnout generation. Anne Helen Petersen wrote earlier this year about why she thinks our generation is burned out -> https://www.buzzfeednews.com/art... Indeed, perhaps one of the causes of burnout is our work. We identify with our work. Everything is a priority. We always have to be “on”. Some of us believe that hustling, grinding, and working late hours is what we need to be doing. And sure — sometimes that type of work is necessary, but it’s potentially problematic when it becomes routine. That can lead to a feeling of loss of control in our personal lives. And that can lead to feeling like we’re constantly exhausted, stressed, anxious, and for some people — can lead to burnout. Now, however, there is a cultural trend emerging where more people are speaking openly about this problem, and how things like “hustle-porn” can be quite dangerous. More people are are looking to combat the type of lifestyle that leads to burnout. And we think Ivy can help move this “anti-hustle” trend forward — by helping people step back from their work and make those everyday to-dos exciting, rewarding, and meaningful.
Cool. How about android app?
@new_user_1343fb9afe We're working on it, and you can get an invite when it's ready here: https://getivy.co/android
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Ivy is awesome! Love the minimalist design; haven't seen anything out there before that made getting stuff done feel this relaxing. Great work @tuckerschreiber and team.
Go Tucker!