Ivy 1.0

A stress-free way to get things done

Ivy uses a 100-year-old strategy for getting things done in a stress-free way. It uses a secret productivity tool used by world-class experts like athletes, scientists, and CEOs.
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Hi everyone! Today we're excited to introduce the first version of Ivy to the Product Hunt community. But first, a bit of a backstory... In 2014 I was diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). I was in school at the time, and I was trying to manage my time at University with two part time jobs. It was definitely a chaotic point in my life, and in order to get through it all, I had to take things one day at a time – keeping my mental and physical health top of mind. I did that by keeping detailed journals and to-do lists. Fast forward a bit and I found myself dropping out of University to work at Shopify, and then Wealthsimple (both considered to be some pretty exciting Canadian companies!). So over the ~5 years or so of working at Shopify then Wealthsimple, I (like many) had tried a number of different tools to keep my life and priorities in check. Journaling, Jira, Trello, Github, Email, Slack, etc…but none of them really helped me get a grasp of everything that was going on in my life. Indeed, using multiple tools to try and stay productive is somewhat counterintuitive. And so that’s where Ivy comes in. Today it’s a simple to-do list app based on a 100-year old productivity method (The Ivy Lee Method). But in the future we see Ivy becoming a tool that aggregates all the different ways people get things done, with a balance of mental and digital health on top. We're currently iOS only with plans to roll out on other platforms in the coming months. Let me know if you have any questions or comments! And thanks to all the folks who have helped us improve the product over the past month.
@tuckerschreiber Please let me know when you launch a macos app.
It looks pretty cool but apparently it’s not available in my country and I cannot try it out. Any particular reason for that? I don’t understand why you would region lock it @tuckerschreiber
@tuckerschreiber @anna_0x same for Spain. I can not download the app :( Could you disable region lock? Thanks!!

Tucker is an amazing founder + human! Excited to watch him and his product thrive.


Great way to focus my day.


More guidance on the backlog feature to help me focus my long-term planning, too!

Such a big fan of Ivy!


Simple, effective, and focused.


Nice to have: more options to carry forward unfinished tasks, Kong term vs short term tasks.

Thanks @craighunter_ ! Your feedback and support has been instrumental in improving Ivy :)
Have been loving the Ivy all the way from the early beta. Such a great approach for keeping focused. It's a refreshing take on to do lists and task managers that often get less useful with more features.
I really enjoy this app - glad to have it in my life!
@jasmingoe Thank you Jasmin!