IVPN feat. WireGuard

VPN service with automated WireGuard® integration

IVPN, a privacy focused VPN service now features an automated integration of WireGuard on macOS, iOS and Android. WireGuard is a revolutionary VPN protocol that promises better security and faster speeds compared to existing solutions. WireGuard is a registered trademark ® of Jason A. Donenfeld.

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Hello @producthunt! This is Viktor from IVPN. Our company has been providing a privacy focused VPN service since 2010. We have reached an important milestone today & we decided to share this news with the PH community! 🎆 Integrating WireGuard into our apps has been a key priority this year as we are big believers in its promise: a fast, secure and simple VPN protocol compared to existing solutions. If you are not familiar with it I suggest learning more through the WG website (https://www.wireguard.com/). The simplicity of the protocol requires that certain functions, such as key and IP address management are solved by the VPN providers implementing it. Current services offering WireGuard require that the user manually generate keys and upload them to specific servers through the control panel on their website. With IVPN, you can start testing simply by selecting the protocol and initiating a connection in our app. This option is currently available within our macOS, iOS and Android apps. Despite what you may heard in some corners of the web, WireGuard has no official support on Windows - once it does, we will integrate it to our app on that platform as well. As a special launch promo we have a no-strings attached 3 day trial to test our WireGuard VPN service. It's available for the first 5000 takers and only an e-mail address is required to get it. 👋 Our regular subscribers can access all WireGuard functionality as well starting today. ✋ A fair WARNING: The WireGuard protocol is currently under heavy development and should be considered experimental. At this time we do not recommend using WireGuard except for testing or in situations where security is not critical. Apart from having WireGuard integration as a pioneering move, here are some important points that makes us different from most VPN providers: -- We don't have free plan based monetization → we sustain the business through subscriptions 🤝 -- We don't have an affiliate program → we don't support pay-for-play reviews rampant in the VPN industry 🕵️‍♀️ -- We don't use any third-party analytics tools or advertising trackers → all subscription-related and behavioral data stays on our servers 🔐 We'd like to build trust through transparency - we have a long way to go and we are keen on improving. Looking forward to your feedback on all this!