The voice activated smart clock

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Aaron Crocco
Aaron Crocco@aaroncrocco · Writer, Nerd, Delorean Driver, Coffee.
I backed this on Kickstarter and can tell you this thing is horrible. First off the voice recognition does not work. I would stand and talk to Ivee three, four, five times and it still not understand my request. Given that this is a voice activated device, that is the biggest point of failure. Second, the built in radio function is useless. It can't pick up any stations and there's no built in Internet radio feature. I tried to make this work for months because they were actually able to incorporate it with Nest, SmartThings, and even Belkin WeMo. Those were major selling points for me. However, how many times can I stand and yell at this thing "Hello Ivee. Turn on the Den light" and it turns it off or tells me the time in Belize? It's a night and day difference between this and the Amazon Echo. They're in almost the same spot in my kitchen and Echo recognizes my commands 95% of the time. Echo may not have all the services but they've announced an API is coming so it'll surpass Ivee instantly when that happens.
Kevin Kliman
Kevin Kliman@kkliman · Founder @gethumi.
Have seen it in action. Looks nice, works really well.
Ben Silver
Ben Silver@ben_silver
@aaroncrocco Shoot me over your details so I can send you a review unit of the gen 2 Ivee when we launch.
Aaron Crocco
Aaron Crocco@aaroncrocco · Writer, Nerd, Delorean Driver, Coffee.
@kkliman The design is familiar, given it's an alarm clock. That makes it friendly and I did enjoy having a clock in the spot I placed it, but having owned it and seen it in action for a long while, I can tell you it does not work well.
Aaron Crocco
Aaron Crocco@aaroncrocco · Writer, Nerd, Delorean Driver, Coffee.
accidental double comment.
Aaron Crocco
Aaron Crocco@aaroncrocco · Writer, Nerd, Delorean Driver, Coffee.
@_bensilver I appreciate the invitation, Ben. Geekcast (at) gmail is the best way to reach me. Thanks!
Marvin Liao
Marvin Liao@marvinliao
Full disclosure, we are investor. But while old product is not super good, i'm excited by the new IVEE product coming in September.
emigna@emigna · HEADLINE
I love how IVEE truly evolutionizes the connected home. I'm excited to see all the new partnerships and integrations in the coming release.
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @AngelList. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
ivee listens for your verbal command. ivee Sleek makes it possible to manage and control your home's connected devices simply by speaking commands. In addition, ivee helps you set reminders, wakes you up on time, and even fetches live Internet content (like weather, stocks, and news) that is relevant to you.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Seems odd that they market this as a smart clock when it's more than that, similar to Jibo or Echo by Amazon.
Ben Silver
Ben Silver@ben_silver
@rrhoover The first generation was based around being a smart 'clock', the second gen will be 100% focused on voice.