iTunes Remote

Remotely control iTunes on Mac without Internet 📱🎶

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iTunes Remote is simple web app to control a native MacOS app. With it you can control your iTunes app remotely without Internet!




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Siddharth ParmarMaker@_siddharth11 · Front-end Fanatic
Hi, I'm the creator of iTunes Remote. It's a small web app with which you can remotely control iTunes on Mac without Internet. It's built using Node.js,, AppleScript, and React. You can open multiple instances of this app, and the UI will always be in sync with iTunes.
joshua@thewrongjoshua · Student
@_siddharth11 what makes this better than the already existing Remote app by Apple?
Siddharth ParmarMaker@_siddharth11 · Front-end Fanatic
@thewrongjoshua This is similar to the Apple's remote app in functionality. Although, from what I've heard that app only works on Apple devices, whereas this is a web app, you can open it on any device with an internet browser. And it works without Internet too. Just make a hotspot, open the given link in a browser and you're good to go!
joshua@thewrongjoshua · Student
@_siddharth11 ah, that makes a lot of sense. thanks :)