Itsycal is a tiny menu bar calendar. If you want, it will display your events as a companion to the Mac Calendar app. You can also create and delete (but not edit) events.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
It's so cute!
@chrismessina what does the pin do? and what's the icon to the right of that do?
@tzhongg, with pin, Itsycal stays above other windows. The icon next to the pin transferring you to the regular calendar app on your computer
Cutest logo ever.
Personally I use Fantastical (1.0, 2.0 still doesn't work reliably for me) for this, but I like the focus of this!

Can't understand why this is not a built-in feature. In anycase, itsycal works perfectly, starts automatically on login, and is very customizable. There is nothing to not like.


stable, minimal, cute, functional, dark theme



i use it every day...