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Bluetooth headphone adapter from Griffin

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As rumors swirl of the iPhone 7 coming without a headphone jack, here is a great (cheap) way to make your currently corded headphones, a bluetooth solution. Saw this article from @bheater and figured I'd post.
@andrewett the iPhone 7 Specsheet "leaked" (Apple always does that to control the Tech chatter) and it ships with a lightning headset and an adapter, so there's no need to buy anything...
Love this. I've spent a lot on great cans and this is an easy way to get them wireless.
"Perfect add-on for Moto Z and future devices without headphone jack" cough iPhone 7 cough...
Cool way to hook up your Logitech PC speakers to Bluetooth. Not every product is because of the iPhone πŸ˜‰
Is this really such a big deal? Removing the headphone jack? The wife and I have 5 pairs of bluetooth headphones between the 2 of us. It's never a problem to find a set charged; none of them take more then a few hours to charge and we have them in over the ear, to around the next to studio style. And I get it - nice bluetooth headphones are expensive; their a pain to switch devices which is why I keep wired headphones at my office; they can die when you need them or if you forget to charge them, their worthless - removing the floppy drive was a pain until we got used to it; removing the cd-rom drive was a pain until we got used to it; I hate that the latest Macbook Pro's don't come with built in ethernet, but I have an adaptor for it. If theres a compelling reason to remove the jack - be it slimmer or more battery or fancy design - why not. About the actual bluetooth adaptor - it looks nice and is reasonably priced - I've used Griffin products in the past and their generally pretty well built.
@mario_a_giambanco anyone into high definition audio hates adapters and compression. Bluetooth streams are often compressed and very lossy! However, most iPhones have had excellent audio hardware onboard and being able to stream a digital audio stream directly from the lightning port into an external DAC/Amp will be awesome! Currently there aren't many methods to do this but it's likely those will now become more mainstream. So it's great news actually!
@davidvb iphones aren't for audiophiles, there's Astell&kern for that.