A fuzzy weather forecast app.

Itinerant is an experimental weather forecast app, utilizing the human visual perception system instead of the symbolic interpretation system. It is an experiment in how long it takes to parse and understand weather information.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
never thought of so beautifully crafted app. Great job!
Interesting concept and certainly more colourful than most weather apps. I do have one question though. When scrolling forward through time, the background alternates between light and dark. Is that meant to signify night and day? Because it seems to be working on UTC if it does. For me at darkens at 02:00 and lightens at 13:00 (UTC + 8).
@frassmith Hi Fraser, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for reporting that one, I'll get it fixed as soon as I can!
@frassmith Actually, I think I already fixed that bug in the latest version. Can you please confirm that it still happens for you with latest? I just ran a local test with both location and timezone set to Shanghai, and everything seemed to work. (My local timezone is UTC+2 and I caught and fixed that bug on April 13th, Git tells me.)
@pttrn Look like it is fixed now.