Easy to use online builder for illustrations

ITG, an online builder for illustrations:
- Build your custom illustraion online, easy with no design knowledge required
- Edit characters, change or remove elements, apply your brand colors
- 4 different styles available and more coming
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Hola everyone, Please meet, our online builder for illustrations. Our goal is to provide people with a tool where anyone can easily find and customize illustrations according to their needs without any special software or knowledge. ITG is not another illustration pack, it’s an Illustration Platform which allows automatically create custom illustrations from predefined elements. This is the only beginning of something big. We're constantly working on adding more illustrations and more styles. Among our road map features is AI Search which will allow the user to generate illustration based on his search request. It will be also a marketplace and we already develop our Sketch plugin which means we upload our predefined illustrations to our Online Builder just in one click. Is that cool? So please sign up and enjoy building your custom stories. We will keep you posted on our big updates!
@uzhik_13 This is ok, but you should use machine learning to generate the vector artworks, or allow external illustrators to add their own, and get commission when theirs is being used.
@raccoon8182 Thanks for your feedback! This is the first version our next step is to create ai search that will generate illustrations automatically from predefined components according to user request Also we are going to growth into marketplace
@raccoon8182 @uzhik_13 This really is great, I've tried it and love it. If you need help scaling your venture or are looking for some Ops help- check me out:
Which illustrations style do you like more in our builder?
1 - Ordinary
2 - Giants
3 - Plasticine
4 - Black & White
I want different one
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Thanks everyone for the votes❤️ If you like to hove some other styles it will be really grate if you share which ones would you like to see on our platform.
Wow! Congrats team, this is incredible!
Looks great! I guess it can be used to create ad creatives as well :)
@paul_shuteyev Thank you, Paul! You definitely can use it for ad creatives
When I came across this a month ago I couldn't wait to see it in action - Guys this didn't disappoint, the builder is amazing and intuitive. Looking forward to using it on upcoming project and can't wait to see it grow.
@studiioandco Thanks a lot, Naomi! we really happy you like it!