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Would you recommend Iterate to a friend?


Eric Friedman
@ericfriedman · Head of Expa Labs
I am so happy to be sharing Iterate with the PH community today - a new survey tool that I have been using for the past few months. Iterate was built by my two good friends Mike Singleton and Matt Healy that I know from working together for almost my entire 6 years at Foursquare. As two of the most talented developers/designers/product people out there, the… See more
@heliostatic · UX Research @ Expa
Congratulations on launching, @lankybutmacho and @msingleton! One of the features I've really enjoyed during the beta is the Mixpanel integration. Each survey on Iterate has a webhook that you can hit from Mixpanel, so you can easily setup behavior triggered surveys. Super helpful for companies I've worked with that are starting to have some growth but still… See more
Lauren Leto
@laurenleto · SELF
I've been using this for a while now. Easiest way to see all the feedback in one place
Chris Kirk
@cbkirk · Co-Founder @ Chalet
Iterate has been invaluable for us while doing research and talking to our customers. Product is so slick and kills it. Love how easy it is for people to submit their feedback on mobile and desktop. Well done!
matthew keesan
@keesan · CTO, Ando
We use Iterate for our regular NPS survey. Couldn't be easier!