Itchable: Be Active and Meet New People

Our mission is to enable In-Real-Life connections around things people love to do together wherever they are, whether it is something as simple as coffee, to exploring the city, playing sports, visiting an art exhibit, going to a concert, having drinks etc. You chose places or events and we'll match you up with someone near you to go with!

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Can you go into more detail about what your problem your product solves? After reading the description and tagline...I still am not sure what itchable is, and if it's for me Dope Design 🚬🚬
@dredurr Stoked that you like the design! :) Problem is that people these days have a harder time connecting In-Real-life. For millennials, around 70% of dating app connections never result in an actual face-to-face meeting (that was a shocking number, but it's true!). We make the activity (we call them, Itches) the conversation starter, so we skip right down to things that people like to do and have in common. And we're not just about dating -- if you're just looking for a yoga partner, or someone to go to that movie with that none of your friends are interested in, etc. Itchable is also for you.
What is the difference between Itchable and dating apps? Overall good job!
@hrantarzumanyan Thanks so much Hrant. First, unlike most dating apps, with us the activity (or, Itch) is the conversation starter. If you like hiking, and you see someone you're interested in is going on a hike, then why not ask to join. Even if it's not romance, you ended up doing something fun with someone who shares your interests. And since, we're about activities, not "hook-ups" or "dates," we're for anyone who wants to get off the couch and find something fun to around their city.
@anassef It seems like I misunderstood the concept of the app. Now I think this is very innovative and awesome! Thanks for the feedback.
Hi PH'ers! We're in the early stages of our app and would love to get your feedback. We created Itchable to address the problem of making meaningful In-Real-Life connections in many big cities around the world. As the cliché goes, the more virtually connected we are via the myriad social feeds and messengers out there, the more disconnected we get in real life. We hope there's a better way for the future, other than spending our nights watching Netflix and chatting with a Bot through various devices. We want to try and use the wonderful opportunities of social media to actually connect people again In-Real-Life around things they love doing. Whether it's as simple as going for a walk in a park, or a night out with new people to a cool spot you always wanted to try, or whatever else you feel like, doing something you enjoy is usually better and more rewarding when you can do it with others. In the process, you might end up finding lasting friendship, romance, or at least you would have spent some time doing something you enjoy. We looked at dozens of apps and platforms that have tried or are trying to do this, so clearly there is a need. Our attempt is about making creating or joining activities (we call them, Itches) simple, fast, and delightful. No need for long forms and searches, just one swipe (or a couple of taps) is all it takes - and you're on your way to having more fun, making more friends, and feeding the monkey. What do you guys think?
@anassef Seems like a cool app, but I'm curious about what advantages or differences Itchable has over Meetup.
@vinhhh Thanks so much! Our goal is to help create meaningful IRL connections between people, and those tend to happen when 2 people or a small group get together and spend quality time together, ideally doing something they all enjoy. Meetup is amazing at bringing bigger groups together, but meet ups generally require advance planning and often become too big to create lasting connections. Itchable is all about doing stuff today or on the weekend with one person or a few friends. And it can be anything -- just going for a jog, or a walk in a park, or a night out on the town.
@anassef Thank you for the detailed response. Itchable definitely sounds like the app for me.