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A grandious place to find new masterminds, to try their visions and to support the game authors with some financial appreciation. And it is wonderful to see, how their projects presented by becoime shapes and wings and have their standalone fame.
I enjoy exploring the creative games available on I suggest concealing each game available on itch that has had consecutive interaction behind a Patreon link, this way, if people do have interest in supporting the development of the game that is getting heavy traffic then the option is available. While $ is not always the motive, still, you don't have to make a Patreon contribution mandatory - it's simply an option on the side that is presented before accessing the game, for example, one way to adopt this within your current UX would be to introduce a timer-button that counts down from 15 seconds waiting for the user to click [ Support on Patreon before you play ? ] - with a clear red tagline under the button saying " Not Required to Access Gameplay " After the timer reaches 0 the button could turn into a message [ Click here to enjoy your indie game! ] . This same button could be made available to players after they finish a gaming session as well. This way you try to engage players who enjoy games with a crowd-source-support-system that can help the game be further developed.