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Any task. Anytime. Anywhere in the U.S.

#1 Product of the DayOctober 15, 2017

It's the Bit is a new service that allows anybody to request any task, anytime, anywhere in the U.S. It can be mundane or exotic. It can even be anonymous. Try it. It's legit.

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Hey guys. We are sharing It's the Bit with the great Product Hunt community today. It's the Bit is a new service that we've tested with a small group of beta testers. It allows anybody to request any service (that is not illegal or a super-small project), anywhere in the U.S., anytime. Depending on what is requested, we'll either handle the service in-house or use vetted professionals to handle the service. We are confident that in most cases we can deliver (and, in fact, over-deliver). The website is simple and there isn't much to it other than a form because we want to keep your request and information private (and potentially anonymous if that is what you want). The magic happens behind the scenes. We will likely add some more to the website over time, but right now we are focused on the underlying services. I stand behind it personally, and it is our goal to always far outperform your expectations. After all, we won't last long if we don't prove our value on every gig. I'm around all day to answer any questions! Update 10 days after being featured: Business is great at It's the Bit, thanks in no small part to the exposure we received here. Thanks again to this great community!
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Humbled to be in the top spot so far today. But know this doesn't mean much if we don't execute. That's why we kept the website so simple to begin with (in many ways, taking a page out of the Product Hunt playbook). I was reluctant to even post it on PH today initially, because the website itself is not much at all at this point, but we promise to deliver. Thanks guys!
@neilsandhu Good luck with it Neil and team
This looks interesting. I'll definitely have to check it out as I've had good success using your other startup, Hire.Bid ;)
Cool! Checking this out. Will report back!
Looks solid! Looking forward to trying it out (my wife can tell you, my Honey-Do list is plenty long... Forgive me if I'm being dense, but I'm curious, is BIT's primary difference from Taskrabbit that you run on Bitcoin, or am I missing another differentiator?
@jeff_osborn there are a few differentiators, but we value service above all else and use professionals that are incentivized to perform their best. It's also possible to do entirely anonymous projects through our service - for example, something you want done for someone else. It's the Bit is basically our vetted layering on top of Hire.Bid, our marketplace that allows anybody to bid on anybody else's available time. And we use a variety of methods to find the best professional for your gig through It's the Bit, even if the professional is not on Hire.Bid. It's the Bit is also for any task you can dream up (rather than limited to home services, etc.). We are 100% focused on client satisfaction, rather than commoditized work.