AI-powered summaries of your favorite articles

This app algorithmically generates summaries of your saved articles using AI to extract the most useful information.
Hi Hunters! This is Sam from Intelligent Apps. I daily come across a countless number of articles and documents that I need to skim through, read and save. But with overwhelming amount of information available and the limited amount of time I have, I needed an assistant that can summarize the articles and read them back to me according to my own schedule. That is the main reason I created iSummary: a reliable assistant that can summarize and extract the most important information from articles, documents, PDFs or Scans. You can save to iSummary from pretty much anywhere, including Safari, Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard, and Feedly, etc. iSummary algorithm is available on your mobile device within the app. That means, it does not send your articles to a third party server and track what news you are currently reading. What you read and store on your app is none of our business! Basic Features of the app: - Algorithmically generated summaries of articles, documents, scans, text, etc. - Full text is available in a clean format. We strip away all clutter and save the content of web pages into iOS-optimized formatting. - OCR functionality: iSummary can convert scanned image or photo to text and summarize it! - Save to iSummary from other iOS applications with one tap. - Listen to your summaries with Text-To-Speech - No monthly subscription! Once you get the app you own it and future updates are offered FREE of charge. Right now the app is only available on App Store exclusively. Please feel free to drop me a line with any question.