The election is over, now keep tabs on your rep

IssueVoter is a nonpartisan online platform that puts bills into layman's terms, along with what both sides are saying. Make your voice heard in Washington (w/ just 1 click) & and track whether you're being represented - becoming engaged easily between elections and an informed voter at election time.

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When I agreed to hunt IssueVoter, I thought this election would have a different outcome. Now that there’s a President I’m uncertain of, a single party majority in the House and Senate, and a seat open on the Supreme Court, the game has changed. Now, more than ever, our voices need to be heard. IssueVoter allows you to send your opinion on key voting issues to your representative with a single click. Urge others to express their opinion, too, with social sharing. And learn in depth how your representative is (or is not) matching both your expectations and their campaign promises. Let’s keep these politicians in line.
What a perfect product to be here today!
The fact that @IssueVoter is nonpartisan is an huge plus in this divided "partisan" culture, IMO. Because IssueVoter focuses specifically on issues. Studies show that when the general public is polled on individual issues, they tend to agree on a lot more. If the issues are framed within partisan language, the divide rears its ugly head.
I'm glad to see an app that encourages us to stay involved beyond the election season - something that will be necessary in the coming years. I'm looking forward to using this regularly.