An issue-based bounty platform for open source projects

IssueHunt is the issue-based bounty platform for open source projects.

Everyone can fund issues on OSS and money is distributed to contributors and maintainers.

We've been developing an OSS named as Boostnote(9500 Github stars) and at first IssueHunt was developed to its bounty program.

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Open source has been driven largely by non-monetary, intrinsic motivation. Are you worried adding $ into this community could hurt what makes it special, @kazup_bot?
@kazup_bot @rrhoover Reminds me of the build we did for the Product Hunt hackathon all that time ago in 2014 - good work launching! Really interested to see how far this can go as a product and how the community feedback based on what @rrhoover mentions in regards to Open Source and introducing $.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! When we started planning IssueHunt, we worried and repeatedly discussed about it. We actually also discussed with Matz who father of Ruby. For the proof of the concept, at first we provided it as a bounty program to the Boostnote community. As a result, $700 issues out of $3000 which was funded were solved through this program, and our community was further boosted. All of contributions were truly amazing. I think that the funding issue is like expressing appreciation. I believe IssueHunt will be a place to help open-source developers and provide opportunities for many people to demonstrate thier talent. Thank you again for your comment :)
@jsharratt Hi Jon, thank you for your information! I also really want to get feedback from community.
Hi hunters! IssueHunt is the funding platform for open source project. Any issues on open-source projects can be funded by users and that money will be distributed to maintainers and contributors. All committed transactions of funds will be shown to everyone. Incentivizing open-source community is exactly what we're trying to do. As a maintainer, our team has been developing an open-source project called Boostnote, and we've got over 8,100 Github stars over 2 years. Some of issues of Boostnote are already funded on IssueHunt, and your open-source projects can be also registered now. Have fun :)
That's a really great product! Technology is growing up thanks to open source projects so we have to fund them to still free. Thanks guys!
@rviolleau Hi Romain, totally agree with you. I think that the more support for open-source developers, the more technologies are grow up. I'm glad to hear your feedback!
It seems like only specifically listed projects are open to funding through IssueHunt, is that right? It would be pretty epic if any Github project could be funded through this. There are some pretty important updates needed out there, in thousands of OS projects, and I wonder if something like this wouldn't help to get more people involved putting more time into OS projects. I think if people get used to the idea of "crowdfunding every feature", that could make things go horribly wrong. But if developers stay ethical, it also might just result in getting priority updates done faster than part-time maintainers can handle on the sideline; because it attracts more developers who currently don't have free time - they need to work elsewhere to pay the bills. But they would probably dedicate more time if it paid something. I think there's a lot of potential here. Exciting idea!
Why there is no PHP language available ?
@exorus Hi Vincent! PHP project also available. There is no limit of languages.
@exorus I added PHP link on top page!