Smart, trackable leather bags. Ethically made.

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Issara have launched their smart, trackable luxury collection on Kickstarter. They're a London based design studio creating minimalist, luxury quality leather goods that last. The new collection is embedded with bluetooth and crowd GPS technology so you never lose your bags again. While there are a few brands that do trackable accessories already, I like the minimal designs, especially of the backpacks and the briefcases. The price is right. Worth checking it out.
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Thanks @om for hunting us, and hi everyone! Peter and I are so excited to meet you all and tell you a bit about Issara :) TL;DR We create luxury quality leather goods that are fairly priced and ethically made. I started Issara after becoming frustrated by the crappy options out there for a well made leather bag that didn't break the bank, or exploit the people making them. So after a year of hitting the road, testing and sampling, I launched the debut collection in May 2015. The things that make Issara special: 1. We use full grain leather from the same tanneries supplying luxury Italian fashion houses. Everything is handmade to order, so we experience no wastage. 2. Logos are kept discreet to allow the quality and workmanship to speak for themselves, and the range is optimised for travel and work (e.g. weekender, briefcase, laptop sleeve, small leather goods). 3. We're proud to tell you that our artisans receive fair living wages & health insurance to protect the future of their families. Our tanneries comply with strict environmental and effluent waste management requirements and we source our hides from New Zealand which has strong animal welfare requirements. For the next step in our journey, we've partnered with Trackr to embed our new collection with bluetooth and crowd GPS technology so you never feel the pain of losing your bags again. It's been a great way for us to avoid leaving things behind as we rush around in the morning and we hope it helps make some of your lives easier too! As a thank you for having us, we'd love to offer PHers who pre-order items >£100 a complimentary leather card holder. We're delighted to be on Product Hunt and happy to answer any questions you may have :) Cheers, Rosh & Peter
@roshii Hi Rosh, really nice products and great job on the twitter targeting :) It is what got me here... I was looking through the bundles and wanted to check if there are any other combos available than listed on kickstarter, like briefcase (which BTW looks gorgeous) and structured tote? This looks really great!
@kovlex Hi Levi, thanks so much for checking us out! I'm so glad you like our stuff (I'm a self trained designer so it's a huge compliment ;)) You're able to make up your own bundles by selecting the biggest item you like and manually adding the £ for the subsequent products when you pledge (no need to add shipping for the additional items as they generally tend to be smaller pieces with a marginal impact on shipping price). The KS platform can messy with multi-pledges so I'm happy to talk you through the process over email/phone if you prefer!
@kovlex Just did the math for you: You would select the Briefcase (£231 early bird) & the shipping for your country, then manually add the £200 for the Tote early bird i.e. total £446 (currently $543 US, thanks Brexit..). Of course you'll get a Card Holder individually packed in there, along with a hand written note. Do you have certain colours in mind already? Thanks so much for stopping by Levi!
@kovlex replied :) Mulțumesc for backing us!!
This looks really cool! On the media the first image shows a women with a briefcase similar look bag, is that one available?
@b_wleung Hi Beatrice, thanks for checking out our campaign :) that image is actually our male model Ben with a cognac Messenger bag. The Messenger is from our original collection and as such isn't a part of the Kickstarter. Though if you're interested in it, I would suggest subscribing to our news letter (on the bottom of our website as you might just find a pretty great deal on it for our first ever Black Friday sale.
@pemus it's a great look and seems like it'd fit both females and males. Are there any shots of what the briefcase looks like on female models? Will definitely sign up for the newsletter 😄
@pemus Also just realized the store is live outside of Kickstarter as well, is that right?
@b_wleung Our original collection (which launched early 2015) is available on, however our new trackable collection is currently only available on Kickstarter :)
@b_wleung Definitely! Most of our products are unisex, let me see if I can dig up some photos of our female models with the messenger bag for you
@Rosh: Checked out the product, its cool. The design of the product is awesome. Good work.
@lsvimal Thanks Layak for the kind words! Anything you would change, or add to the collection?
Really digging the product, particularly the weekender, and your social outreach. The price point is also really competitive for what you guys are offering. 🔥
@theeskipper Thanks Skip! We're so glad you like our products :)