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J.M. Saponaro
J.M. SaponaroMaker@jmsaponaro · Engineer @Datadog
Hi everyone, With a few other Datadog engineers, we worked on this small project this weekend. So every time Pokémon GO won’t work correctly, before you smash your phone on the nearest tree, you can now check this dashboard. It monitors Pokémon GO's server and login availability, thanks to Datadog's features. We are working on improving it. Suggestions and feedback are more than welcomed. For those interested, we explain how we collect these data here: Now you have no excuse to not become the very best. Go catch them all! :)
KrisHunter@grizzwithak · Frequent Upvoter - Sometimes Submitter
@jmsaponaro Of all the different versions of these Pokémon GO server status checkers, this is the best I've come across - great job! 👍😸
J.M. Saponaro
J.M. SaponaroMaker@jmsaponaro · Engineer @Datadog
@grizzwithak Thank you very much @grizzwithak ! :)
Matthieu de Luze
Matthieu de Luze@matthieudeluze · Co-Founder @ Studiolabs & Social Media
Pretty cool 👍 I like the UX, the interface is much user friendly than a lot of similar products! Well done guys 👌 If I may I'd maybe add an email subscription for critical status notifications 🙀
Stephane@stephanehaddad · Co-founder & - LA
It will help 😉