I made these little objects while watching youtube videos at night, they are high res transparent pngs good to use as icons or for UI designs. They are modeled in 3D and rendered as high res transparent png.

* Credit to MagicVoxel for their awesome program.

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You should pivot to becoming the Unsplash 5.0 of Isometric designs. Just grow your library to an insane amount of pictures. Later turn it into a crowd sourced platform. The benefits of this are you'll get a ton of traffic that you can do affiliates, banner ads etc & a lot of people will link to you, that will boost your SEO juice. Because there is no way anyone would by a subscription fee for this. Just my $0.02, great designs!
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@yash that's one of my doubt as well, I am not looking to make money these are just by products of watching youtube docos, I put a payment there to see if anyone would pay for these, I will give it a bit time, if not, I might just change the licence to do-whatever-u-want.
@rick_chen1 unDraw you can do something like them. See I'm sure anyone would pay for it. The question is how big can you scale. The paying model is easily exhaustible. But the unsplash model is very scalable. If you're looking to sell these like hot cakes, upload them to UI8 or Themeforest. Who already have the traffic and demand.
@yash fair point and I agree 100% :) will make this happen.
That would be cool if there's a drag drop design tool with those isometric objects.
After my comment I thought I should make what I've asked for. Then made a simple tool. 1. Add objects to the scene from the left side by clicking on them. 2. Move/resize/remove your objects in the scene to make your design. 3. Hit the save button to save your design. Here's the URL: https://ozgrozer.github.io/ildt/
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hey @ozgrozer I am the maker of isometriclove.com, can I add this onto the site, this is such an amazing idea.
@rick_chen1 Yeah totally πŸ˜„
@ozgrozer Unreal and exciting, I will give it a try if I run into any issues I will let you know, also I will credit you in on the page.
@rick_chen1 Well thank you for those kind words. It took me 4-5 hours to build this and I tested it only on Chrome, so yeah there might be some bugs.
I made my wallpaper out of this ❀❀❀ : https://twitter.com/karanganesan...
Amazing!Just saw the post about this product on UX/UI designer group on Fb. Here my email: m.vacca03@gmail.com
Great work. Design looks amazing.