Isometric Game Art Pack

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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 07, 2018

The Free isometric game art pack was a great success! Lots of game devs just like you LOVED it and asked for more.

That's why I've made the Upgraded Version. More objects, more buildings, more platforms, more everything.

This bundle includes: 250_ elements: platforms, tiles, characters, buildings, & much more.


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No demo? How do I know which 250 elements I'm buying?
@jerrebm You’re right. There’s a free version available in the description
Why not publish it at SatoshiBox too, so everyone could buy it for Bitcoins?
I just bought it. Nice but I expected more. An access to an online bank of elements would be great ;)
@felix_becquart thanks Felix! Going to send a quick update with more objects next week. What would you like to see inside?
@ovidiutepes Actually I'm only a fan of isometric design. I was curious about what you've done. Thanks for your job ! Few months ago, I had the idea to create an interactive map with isometric building, houses etc.