Isolated Not Alone

Free mental health support for our frontline workers

#BuiltByTeens | Isolated Not Alone is a non-profit COVID-19 support website for everyone affected by the crisis. It has free mental health counseling for our frontline workers, resource guides for those grieving, and answers to general public questions!
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Whoever stumble upon this page and is affected in any way by the current events happening around the world - please remember: YOU ARE NOT ALONE and everything will be fine, we will go through this together ❤️
In this time - nice project. :)
Great project! I've been following the work of AstraLabs, kudos on building on partnerships with so many organizations as well.
@bugracelik Thanks! Much appreciated :)
For those impacted by COVID-19, we've developed a free tool to bring counseling and resources to healthcare workers on the frontlines and for people grieving loved ones lost to COVID-19❤️. Head to to check out more. #IsolatedNotAlone Launched in Partnership With: Multitalent, BetterHelp, Crisis Text Line, 10% Happier App, Lantern, Breethe App, Shine Text and many more!
I helped develop and design the project! Feel free to send over any questions and I can try to answer them :)