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David Alfonso


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Luis Herrero Jimenez
Luis Herrero JimenezMaker@luishj · Visual Designer
Hello, I'm Luis, the UI designer of iShows Movies. iShows Movies is pretty similar to iShows TV ( The idea was to bring the same great TV track experience to the Movies world in a way that every user, new or recurring one, will enjoy it. This version uses too, so all your watched history is properly saved and synced in the cloud. And it also have a Discover section where you can find trending and popular Movies, as well as take a look at what movies your friends are watching. Hope you like iShows Movies. We'll be happy to answer your questions!
Patrick Thompson
Patrick Thompson@neurohacked
@luishj Do you also work on the design of iShows TV? Can I please make one suggestion? Remove the app icon from the top of the app or at least change it to say "Shows", "Movies", etc. I find it very distracting, redundant, and it serves no purpose. Plus, it is the same icon that is used to activate the main show list. Other than that, I love the design.
Chris Herbert
Chris Herbert@hrbrt · Graphic Designer & Pixel Hunter
Terrific addition to the iShows family, now I need to start watching more movies!
Belle Beth Cooper
Belle Beth Cooper@bellebcooper · Co-founder,
I really like iShows TV, so I'm happy to have iShows for movies now! I noticed the app seemed a bit slow to download all the movie images on the different discover screens, but hopefully that's just my connection. Very cool to have the same interface for both my movies and TV shows now!