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Hi, I'm Luis, the developer of iShows. We launched iShows almost two years ago as a basic TV show tracker app. What made iShows so special was its simple and clean design. iShows was not another app to mark episodes as seen, it provided a great experience while you enjoyed your favorite TV shows information. We just launched the new version, iShows 2. You can read some reviews at MacStories ( and Lifehacker ( iShows 2 sits on top of the simplicity and elegant design of the first version, but taking it to a whole new level by using custom themes inspired by your favorite TV shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad. This new version uses, so all your watched history is properly saved and synced in the cloud. But the fact that it's using opens a whole new world of possibilities. You can for instance watch your favorite Mr. Robot episode on the couch while using Plex and have that episode automatically marked as seen on iShows. iShows 2 also lets you discover new cool trending and popular TV shows, as well as take a look at what new series your friends are watching. Hope you like this new version. I'll be around to reply to all your questions!
Congrats on the release! iShows is one of my favorite integrations and currently my go to app for TV shows. The UI looks awesome and I'm a fan of the dark theme with red accents and the condensed poster layout myself :)
I've been using iShows since months ago and the version 2.0 has been released today. It looks really good and they added compatibility with to sync between devices!
As already mentioned on Twitter: really great and polished product, congrats! It seems like you've put a crazy amount of effort in every detail (e.g. customization). How long did it take from idea to finish?
@jakobstecher Thanks Jakob! TBH, it all started as an iShows 1 update to adapt the design to the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus... At the end, we started changing so may things in the design, including integrating, and adding a lot of new functionality, that it really felt like a new app. We started adapting the app in October and we just released it, so that is 10 months of work :-)
A very nice and simple app,with a lovely and clean ui! Well done!!!