iShopping App

Provide breathtaking in-store shopping experience on mobile

Hi Product Hunters, I work with iShopping team for months now and I am so am happy to introduce you iShopping App: Breathtaking in-store shopping experience on mobile. I am excited and I hope you will be as well because iShopping gives you Premium Account as a celebration of their Big Day, day iShopping is hunted at Product Hunt. iShopping story? Their idea is to make people’s life easier and shopping more comfortable by bringing personal contact and real experience to online shopping. Basically FaceTime+PayPal so you can check out all product in the world live and speak to seller from comfort of your home. Our App is in shopping business and touch little bit of everything from sales perspective - real estate, cars, furniture, galleries or even flowers. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions feel free. iShopping team is glad for hearing from you! Thank you @ProductHunt and #ProductHuntMembers
@neil_borden @producthunt I am unsure how you obtained email addresses to promote your listing but if iShopping is your client they should be concerned about being tied to spamming techniques
Im sorry @airjoshb but I have found your mail at and was curious what do you think about that as a Startup Coach
@neil_borden my thoughts as a startup coach: don't harvest emails, upload them to MailChimp and send out an unsolicited announcement with the subject, "Product Hunt #1 just launched New iShopping App". There is a very clear invitation for any entrepreneur to get my thoughts on their idea on my site
my feedback would be that from the homepage I actually feel like I still dont know what this is or does... App store link just takes me to another landing page...
@bentossell thank you for your feedback! We will try to optimize our homepage in meaning of more proper description what this App does. But this kind of Service doesn’t exist yet. It’s basically FaceTime + Apple Pay. Would you personally use iShopping App? Would you shop whatever at Planet of Earth from comfort of your home and still see the product at real time and get professional advice?
@omatusek well I didnt know if I'd use it because didnt know what it is. I personally can't stand calling businesses... It pains me to call a florist or hairdresser etc. So I text my hairdresser. I order flowers from a site. The emergence of chatbots are trying to solve the problem that people dont want to talk to businesses... How are you planning on getting businesses to adopt this and use it themselves? Or is it like having a personal shopper going round these shops for you? (maybe I'm a little confused on the mechanics) I feel like (IMO) that it doesnt quite solve anything for me... If I was going to shop via a virtual screen, I'd likely just shop on the internet like I do now... if I wanted to see stuff in a shop to get the feel for it or whatever, i'd go in. That's my opinion anyway and I'm sure many people have a different opinion
@bentossell I totally agree with you that many people rather text or browser the internet than talk to seller or going to visit store in person But we are focusing at busy people which are not purchasing some kind of product every day. We are not solution when you know what are you buying exactly. Scenario: You as a University student are looking for abroad experience. You dont know nothing about behind the scene at university you want to study at and place where you want to live in. So you will turn on iShopping App and call to the University and ask for “University Guidance” to some student. Pay him/her directly couple pounds to show you what its like. Then call to accomodation provider and ask them to show you room, house and neighberhood - if you like you book it right away. Other scenarios: you are about to buy used car miles away. Rather than e-mail person/dealership with questions about car condition and seeing pictures you call him and see whatever you want, ask whatever you want, you are done in couple minutes and you know if it's worth to travel long distance or not. Does it sound easier to you than browser internet and e-mail to people? :))