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Hi @rrhoover, @Edward the founder is hanging out here (I've met him in San Francisco). I'm curious how the whole "follow a topic instead of people" vertical is working out, Edward?
@s2imon @rrhoover I think following topics or small groups of people is a more natural way of communicating. Most people feel more comfortable talking at a dinner party than they do public speaking. A few years ago you had this intimacy on social networks, but now they are mainstream we are seeing a next generation of interest based networks like Pinterest, Quora, Product Hunt, Rooms etc.
@edward most certainly. Do you see a use case for ProductHunt for example or what is your ideal use case these days? :)
@s2imon I see a use case for any brand... get feedback from your users, turn customers into evangelists, private discussion groups for power users etc. I think the primary use case will be for individuals who want to follow interests and connect with other people who share them.
Interesting. I'm curious what the team thinks the "draw" is for users? What will make people want to use the service? I tried it out and the feature set, to be honest, seems a little too limited and lacks any unique factor. I think Hatch ( and Rooms ( were innovative addressing the the "follow topics rather than people" idea, and I'm just not seeing a unique or innovative selling point with Isayu. I'm curious to hear more about the vision or plans for the future!
@danlev both Hatch and Rooms are focused on sharing photos. Isayu is designed for discussing news related to your interests. We want the value of the product to come from curation and discussion rather than publishing or broadcasting content. The product is basic at the moment, but we believe we have built the right foundations to build from. What would be the top 3 features you would like to see?
@edward Are you more focused on getting people to meet like-minded people who they didn't know before, or helping existing network converse around similar topics? If it's the former, how do you plan to solve the problem that existed with sites like Quora?
@ezrasuki we want to help existing groups of people with similar interests grow eg: you may have a few friends on Facebook who are interested in Bitcoin, but you don't want all your other friends to unfollow you because you are posting about Bitcoin every day. A small group of you can create a Bitcoin board on Isayu and this will attract others who are also interested in Bitcoin so the group can grow.