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iSaver is a quick way to turn any MP4 file into your screensaver.

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Hello Product Hunters 👋 Have you ever wondered how Casey Neistat had the Godfather playing as a screensaver? This app will help you do just that!I know it is now free, but this one worked just fine for me a few weeks back while a few others were giving me trouble. Steps: • Install iSaver. Price $2.99 😞 • Download the MP4 version of the video you would like to use. • Click on preview options. • Click on ‘Select Video File’ and select the MP4 file. • Click on ‘Install iSaver’ and do not change the location of the file! • Click ‘Save’, your ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’ system preferences will now open. • Go to the screen saver tab, and scroll all the way down. • You should now see one called ‘iSaver’. Click on it, and that’s it you are all set. 😎 Steps with screenshots: Click on the medium article!