Is Trump At Mar-a-Lago?

What could the government fund instead of Trump trips?

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Funny how everyone is concerned about his travel spending when obama put is 9tril in debt
@leachy114 It's really not productive to make this into an "Obama vs. Trump" argument. It is perfectly healthy to judge both of them for their faults - this being one of Trump's (who is currently the president).
@plurnt I understand but this guy can't do anything right in some people's eyes. While those same people praised obama while he spent infinitely times more money on other things
@leachy114 (fun fact) Franklin D. Roosevelt - President Roosevelt increased the debt the most percentage-wise. He is often noted for bigly economic grow
@justice_laub fun fact: hard to go lower than great depression
Hypocrites... You can't be this hard on Trump but not even mention or think about the same shit that Obama did. Either criticise both of them, or shut your mouth.
Who is criticising? The site lists cold, hard facts, with sources cited.
@joostschuur it's still criticism for trump going to mar a lago, which is a bit of a dumb criticism IMO, also what comes along with being president is a an expensive and extreme amount of security to keep him safe. Presidency is expensive but 25m is dwarfed to what the government spends or what trump has already cut from the budget
Can't be more than Obama waisted
Sheep believe propaganda.... no matter what side of the fence you are, this is for shame.