Is There Uber In?

Search for ride sharing cities in a city or country

A simple app that allows you to search for a city and it if that city has ride sharing providers.

It currently looks for:

* Uber

* Cabify

* Taxify

* Lyft

* Go-jek

* myTaxi

* Chauffeur Prive

* Beat

* Blacklane

* Gett

* Taksini

* Taksi Helsinki

* Lady Driver

* 99 Pop

* Careem

* Yandex Taxi

* Pathao

* Grab

* Heetch

Any more are always welcome :)

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πŸ‘‹ I made this a good ton of months ago because I lived in portugal and the uber website is blocked there so since I travelled a lot I always ended up searching for the same thing and not getting an answer. So in one of my trips I scraped the uber website and voilΓ‘. I can now always see where there is any ride sharing option Hope this is useful to someone else πŸ˜ƒ
@nikkitaftw This is so useful Sara! I'm super excited you launch these on PH ^^ I checked cities I wanna travel to and it works like a charm. πŸ‘
@nikkitaftw Yo, one thing β€” There is no Uber in Athens πŸ€”, since march 2018.
@dr_dimitru Thanks for letting me know! I am removing from the website now πŸ˜„
@dr_dimitru Fixed πŸ˜ƒ
@nikkitaftw small problem: Salamanca. Spain goes to Salamanca, Mexico
This is awesome! I'm always travelling to new places and want to know if there's Uber but also hoping there's an alternative as I try to avoid them πŸ˜…. Plus the logo is ADORABLE β™₯️. P.s. can you add Grab? Really big ride share company in SE Asia
@dinkydani21 That's I added the rest of the things, uber is a terrible company 😟 I made an issue here: Will add it today or tomorrow πŸ˜ƒ
@nikkitaftw Yeah they really are. I try to avoid them when I can but sometimes I've got 3 bags and a 30 minute walk between me and my next destination hah. Could you add a submission form on the website for new providers?
@dinkydani21 Btw grab was already there ahah Will add the form. Here is the issue:

I travel a lot, and one of the biggest pains is discovering that a city doesn’t have rideshare services once I’m already there. Austin was a great example of this - the city banned Uber/Lyft for years, but as a traveler I had no way of knowing that. This tool is tremendously useful when I’m going to a new city and need to plan how I’m getting around.


Easy UI, permalinks for cities, shows alternatives


None - really not even sure what a con of the tool would be 🧐

Wait you have been using this ? 😍
So straightforward, I couldn't be any more happy about this.
@diannamallen Awesome! Im so happy you liked it :)

I travel a lot and it's time consuming to find out if Uber or any alternative ride share options are available. I've already used this to discover there's Uber in La Paz, Bolivia which is very surprising!


Beautifully simple,