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#3 Product of the DayJuly 11, 2016
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Hello Product Hunt! I’m thrilled that so many of you like the idea of, thank you so much! This website started as a “20 percent time” project at Firmhouse ( Basically I got tired of refreshing the AppStore to see if Pokémon Go was released. At this point, almost 10.000 people from over a hundred different countries signed up to get notified! Which is something I never expected! When the dust settles, we’ll write up our learnings. So if you’re interested in the numbers and story: follow me @joshuajansen or @firmhouse on Twitter! Thanks again and good luck catching ‘em all (when they finally launch for you)! Joshua
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@joshuajansen @firmhouse i came across a problem - my country (Serbia) is missing :D can you do an update?
@nebojsa_jovic I'm currently only checking the Apple App Store for availability. And since Serbia isn't on the list of App Store territories: I won't be able to easily add Serbia :( Sorry about that!
@joshuajansen yes, i am aware of that, but the most interesting thing is that Apple has official store here and doesn't support my country (irony?). Anyway thanks for feedback. I wanted something like this and this is great thing you've done, but i'll have to find alternative or to wait official announcement. :(
@bentossell Get a cheap android phone and download the apk rom APK Mirror to get going 😎
@gigitsui ew android haha. I'm an apple fanboy for life
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@bentossell @gigitsui You can create an Australian apple account, and use that to download it ;) Then log back in to your normal account 😎
@bentossell Get an American friend to log into the app store for you briefly - download - log out
@jvanbaarsen @bentossell @gigitsui To create an Australian account, wouldn't you need an Australian payment method?
🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺?? 😭😭😭!!
Or you could get the apk lol