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Fizer Khan
Fizer KhanMaker@fizerkhan · Developer, Atatus
Hi Product Hunters! Fizer from Atatus( here. Many thanks @kwdinc for adding us. We have developed as a free tool to compare how fast your website is compared to your competitors. Let me know your comments.
Paul Prins
Paul Prins@paulprins · Founder - Fresh Vine
Good concept with a good experince until you get to the end. Not sure why the decision was made to not show the current results, with the option to get regular updates via email. It shouldn't take more than a second to ping the services and generate the report. Yet I've been waiting a couple minutes already for an email to arrive (that hasn't yet).
Fizer Khan
Fizer KhanMaker@fizerkhan · Developer, Atatus
@paulprins Hi Paul, Thanks for trying out. We are trying to find actual load time of every site, so we are getting each and every resource(css, html, js, images) in the HTML, not just the main HTML. Normally every site has page load time from 3 sec to 20 sec. Since we have one main site and one or more competitor sites, it takes us sometimes more than a minute to generate a report. Thats why we choose to send a report by email. Moreover we use queues to process the request incase of heavy traffic(yesterday alone we had 2000 submissions :)). We do have a problem in processing certain sites(including your site), now we have fixed it. Hope, you got an mail now.
Gidon Ravner
Gidon Ravner@gidonravner · Product Manager
I would think about asking for an e-mail after the first result for users who choose "one-time", since there are similar sites that check speed and don't ask for an e-mail.
Fizer Khan
Fizer KhanMaker@fizerkhan · Developer, Atatus
Yes, @gidonravner. We had not designed it that way earlier. We have few more ideas in pipeline. We will definitely do it that way next time, to ask the users for email only after seeing the results.