Is It A Sex Thing?

Add "and I have no idea if that’s a sex thing" to The Verge

Is It A Sex Thing? adds that phrase to the end of any Verge article, so you can prank your friends and make them realllllly wonder if the team over at the Verge is doing ok.

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Mehedi Hassan
CompSci Undergrad
Hey everyone, This is just a simple extension I made for The Verge that adds "and I have no idea if that's a sex thing" to all the article titles on Verge. :)
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Well played, @mehedih. 👏
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Ben WaardenburgGraphic designer
This is essentially the best thing ever.
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Michael NeaseDigital Media Specialist/ Podcaster.
This is amazing! 🤘🏼
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