Irvue 2.0

Thousands of stunning photos from Unsplash on your Mac

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Irvue is very best wallpaper app ever ever ever :D
I love this product, but be aware that you have to manually clear out the desktop wallpaper cache within the Mac OS. I was having it update every 3 hours for a few months and with the help of DaisyDisk I realized it began to take up over 13GB of space on my Mac :/
@cantgetagoodsn Yes, it's a known issue, and the problem is in macOS and not in Irvue. After your email I found that when you set desktop picture by using official API macOS moves a copy of this picture to specific folder and then doesn't remove it. Irvue doesn't have permissions to access this folder, that's why it can't remove this copies. If you want to clean this folder manually, you can find its location by using this command in Terminal: sudo find /private/var/ -type d | grep
Use it everyday! Love it :)
This is absolutely great. I have a 5k iMac right next to a Cinema Display. The photos look great on both monitors. Just FYI, in-app purchases are available so you can add even more channels from Unsplash. You get 3 you can edit for free which I feel is perfect. Great job @leonspok. 5 out of 5.
Ehm, what's new in v2.0?
@fr314 Hi, I'm developer of Irvue. Previously you had only two channels: Featured and All photos. Now you can add custom channels. It might be user's profile on Unsplash, his likes, some collection or search query. Also if you have your own Unsplash account, you can import channels from your profile, create collections and add photos to them. For advanced users I added AppleScript support (more information here: