Irvue 2.0

Thousands of stunning photos from Unsplash on your Mac


vu huynh
@vukidrock · Tech blog writter
Irvue is very best wallpaper app ever ever ever :D
Conner Drew
@cantgetagoodsn · Product Designer, Handsome
I love this product, but be aware that you have to manually clear out the desktop wallpaper cache within the Mac OS. I was having it update every 3 hours for a few months and with the help of DaisyDisk I realized it began to take up over 13GB of space on my Mac :/
@chakkaradeep · Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
Use it everyday! Love it :)
Andrew Goodwin
@andrewgene · iOS Developer
This is absolutely great. I have a 5k iMac right next to a Cinema Display. The photos look great on both monitors. Just FYI, in-app purchases are available so you can add even more channels from Unsplash. You get 3 you can edit for free which I feel is perfect. Great job @leonspok. 5 out of 5.
Ben Donkor
@fr314 · Social Media Analyst, Microsoft
Ehm, what's new in v2.0?