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I really liked this app since it stopped working about a week ago. Now anytime I start it, the icon shows up in the bar and then immediately disappears / quits. Reinstalling does not seem to help.
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@creotronic same story :'( I wonder if the app has some kind of internal cache and this cache overflows after some time of usage
@creotronic here we are: if you don't really care about your Irvue local settings – just remove `~/Library/Containers/com.leonspok.osx.Irvue/Data/Library/Application Support/Irvue` and it will fix unexpected crashes.
@query_string Works like a charm, thank you very much!
Previously called Unsplash Wallpaper, it's nice to see this app continue to get love — it's my favorite way to find new desktop wallpapers from the Unsplash collection... filling the hole left by InterfaceLIFT.
Hey @leonspok could you perhaps give some background on the story here 😆
@bentossell I made Unsplash Wallpaper for myself, because I was too lazy to browse Unsplash to find new wallpaper for my Macbook. I posted link to dmg on dribbble and created simple page on tumblr. Then in July @nbrempel found it and posted on ProductHunt. After few weeks Unsplash Wallpaper was featured. In the end of July @lukechesser from Unsplash contacted me and offered beta access to the API. One of terms of API usage is not containing the word "Unsplash" in the name and their logo on the app icon. That's why Unsplash Wallpaper now is called Irvue (pretty weird name, I know :D). Also one of the functions from old version turned into separate app Menubar Toggle (http://github.com/leonspok/Menub...), because it wasn't working in sandbox.
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@leonspok awesome to see to continue to get the love you deserve, man! It's installed over here 👊
A few suggestions: * For those of us with multiple monitors, it would be nice to have a different image loaded on each monitor. Seeing a double image of the same thing is oddly troubling. * Many people will also have their own collection of wallpapers that they don't want to lose. It would thus be great to have the option to point it at a folder on the Mac and have those images interleaved with the ones from Unsplash. That could also address the problem of slow loading since those photos would be local for sure.
@leonspok, thanks for this! My feedback: 1. Changing the wallpaper only on one of the screens doesn't work. If I try doing that, nothing happens. 2. Enabling "Launch at startup" triggers an error: "LoginHelper quit unexpectedly.". Application Specific Information: Sandbox registration failed: Process is not in an inherited sandbox. Application Specific Signatures: Registration error: Process is not in an inherited sandbox. 3. Can you add shorter update intervals? OS X has 5 seconds, 1/5/15/30 minutes, 1 hour. 30 minutes is my favorite. 4. Can you preload a few more wallpapers so when the user changes the current wallpaper, it happens instantly? Thanks again.
@andrys Thanks for your feedback! 1. Can you give me more information? If "Update image on" is set to "all displays", when you press "Change current wallpaper", it will set the same image for all monitors. If it's set to "current display", image will be loaded only for monitor, on which your cursor is and if you press "Change all wallpapers", images will be loaded for all monitors. Does it work on your Mac? 2. Does it happen on version 1.4.1? I thought I fixed it... 3. Sorry, I can't add shorter updates. Currently number of API calls is limited to 5000 per hour, even with 1 hour update interval I exceeded this limits. 4. Thanks for the idea! But images from Unsplash may use a lot of space on your disk (it's often 30-40mb per photo). Maybe I add this function as an option.
@leonspok 1. It doesn't. 2. Yep, still happens on 1.4.1. 3. Cache the photos to your server and serve them from there. 4. A photo shouldn't take 30-40MB, if you serve the minimum resolution required for each user. You could cache the most common resolutions on your server. Right now Irvue is using 50MB of RAM on my Mac. A 1920x1080 JPG with no perceivable loss of quality takes up 465KB.
@leonspok 1. Works fine now. 2. Still fires error.
@andrys @leonspok I was having the issue #2 (LoginHelper crashing repeatedly every 10 seconds!) - have been able to fix it by unselecting "Launch at startup" from Irvue settings, and by manually adding Irvue to System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items