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Thanks Justin. Wow, I really appreciate all the upvotes. I wanted to experiment with pre-selling the course and so far it's been amazing. A full case-study on the pre-sale experiment will be coming soon. Ever since co-founding the Goodstuff.fm podcast network earlier this year, I've been getting lots of emails like Justin's. I had been thinking about making a podcasting course for a long time anyway, so about two months ago, I decided to do it. When I launched my first podcast, it exploded out of the gate with thousands of listeners. I got sponsors, I made money, I interviewed all the celebrities in my industry and yet it still ended up going nowhere. I had no idea why the show was “successful” or what to do with all that growth. I didn’t have a voice. I didn’t know what I wanted to say or who I wanted to say it to, and I ended up quitting. But I enjoyed podcasting so much, I set about learning everything I could. Since then, I’ve launched multiple shows (the newest of which, The Gently Mad, hit #2 in the iTunes Business category in less than a week), co-founded a podcast network, and helped many people vastly improve their podcasts and better engage their audiences. I created this course to help you learn from my mistakes. It’s everything I wish I’d known when I first started.
I've been talking to a lot of people who want to start their own podcast in 2015. Over the last year, @avclark has given me invaluable podcasting advice. Instead of me spending hours researching microphones, audio editing techniques, etc... I would just email Adam. I've been encouraging him for months to teach his own podcasting course, and he's finally doing it! If you're looking to start your own show this year, I highly recommend it.
@mijustin What are you doing with the email archive? I'm sure a lot of folks could benefit from your correspondence as well.
@Chikodi the best advice he gave me was to buy a few ATR2100 mics for doing live shows with multiple hosts. It's turned out to be a great mic, and it's super affordable.
@mijustin I record on the Heil PR-40
@mijustin @Chikodi The email archive is in the course. ;)
@avclark That's quite a backstory. Congratulations on the launch!
Really impressed by what Adam has been doing lately. This course will be great!
@nathanbarry Thanks Nathan. You're encouragement over the last few months has been invaluable. ;)
Earlier this year, I bought a bunch of audio equipment to produce video tutorials with high quality sound. http://mattdsmith.com/audio-equi... Adam's super helpful advice allowed me to get the best bang for my buck. He's an awesome dude and I'm sure his course will be awesome too.
@mds Thanks Matt. ;)
@avclark Just bought it! Can't wait to do the course! :D
@thinker Thanks Nick. I can't wait to dive into it with everyone!