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IronMic is a simple website host for podcasts. The process takes minutes to build a simple yet functional website. Start by plugging in your RSS Feed and filling in the host information.

Then you'll have a simple podcast website that you won't have to update as you record new episodes.

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Riley Walz
Riley Walz@w · High schooler who ships 💯
This looks great! This would work great with podcasts from Anchor, people often complain about not having a solid website without Anchor branding. Love that you have a demo so people can see how their site would look right away, too
Sunny Singh
Sunny SinghMaker@sunnyismoi · Web Developer / Creator
@w Thanks for the kind words Riley! Yes, we actually see Anchor podcasters as our primary audience right now. Anchor lowered the barrier to podcasting, and now IronMic is the next logical step.
Anna Martirosyan
Anna Martirosyan@anna_martirosyan · -dog lover
Seems great!
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
What are some of your fave podcasts right now? @hustlinhack @sunnyismoi @leonhitchens
Sunny Singh
Sunny SinghMaker@sunnyismoi · Web Developer / Creator
@hustlinhack @leonhitchens @abadesi As a developer I listen to a ton of podcasts for self learning, with my favorites being Syntax, ShopTalk, and Toolsday. I'm also a huge Gary Vee fan so I listen to his very often as well.
Leon Hitchens
Leon HitchensMaker@leonhitchens · Digital Marketing Strategist
@hustlinhack @sunnyismoi @abadesi As a marketer, some of my favorite podcasts relate to my profession. They include Marketing School, Copy Blogger, and Buffer's various podcasts. I am also a huge fan of The Daily, The Verge Cast, and Reply All! Do you have fav's I should listen to?
Sunny Singh
Sunny SinghMaker@sunnyismoi · Web Developer / Creator
Super excited to be on Product Hunt! I love and use Anchor for my podcast, but there's a critical piece missing: a personally branded website. IronMic lets anyone plug in their RSS feed and generate a site for their podcast. It automatically stays up to date whenever you post an episode. Here's mine: And @leonhitchens uses the dark theme for his: If you have any questions please holler!
Babken Karapetyan
Babken Karapetyan@babken_karapetyan · Innovation is a Memetic Evolution
Nice, as possible you need to become the competitor of WordPress. Great work