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We have been using Iris at Infusionsoft since before it launched in the market. The platform has helped us stay connected with our agencies, measure the impact of daily media activities, and report up to execs how our PR investment translates into business impact. I'm really excited about some of the future integrations Iris has on its roadmap, because we will be able to integrate PR more with the larger marketing stack. I'd love to hear about what those integrations are if Iris is willing to share.
Aly Saxe — CEO of IrisPR
@lccollins Thanks for asking this. In the coming months our customers will get to see our path to integrations start to take form. We've built our platform with this in mind. We've recently integrated with Gmail and will be rolling out an Office 365 integration in the near future. Beyond that, we're looking at integrations with data and analytics platforms that connect Iris to the marketing cloud. We have a few in the works now so stay tuned!
Kristin Hege — WiredPR
I couldn't say more about this software. It helps me keep my team accountable and organized. It takes so many stresses out of the picture: Who have we've pitched? What were the results? How successful are our campaigns? We've scaled our agency and increased retainers based on the data that we are able to evaluate from Iris. No joke.
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