Iris mini

Software for eye protection, health and productivity

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Sounds a lot like f.lux but seems to be more limited without a paid subscription.
@frassmith There is a paid version with more functionalities, but yes, this is free.
@frassmith The product improved a lot in the last year. Give it another try
F.lux does the same as pro version of this software.
@mubashar_ali f.lux doesn't let you block certain websites, track your blinking, offer exercises, etc. Yes, the core features are similar, but lets not conflate the massive differences in the pro version of Iris from the very basic features f.lux has.
@dereksilva @mubashar_ali Does Iris actually do blink detection? The User Manual has a section on "Blink Detection" with lots of text on the benefits of blinking and nothing - zero - on the Iris functionality.
@alexleeds It might not, I haven't tried it. My point was that the statement was false.
@mubashar_ali On the Iris homepage, I listed the benefits of Iris Also, you can see this comparison article
This is more about circadian health (sleep) than eye protection. There are more and more studies showing that this is a REALLY IMPORTANT aspect of health!
@sign Blue light is actually more of a trouble for eye strain There is also PWM flicker which Iris also removes. You can read the benefits over f.lux here :)
An amazing protection tool for your eyes with a lot of science behind it:
Hi everyone, I just published Iris to ProductHunt. Check it out It's like Iris mini and f.lux on steroids