Through hospital detection, Iris informs loved ones and connects medical professionals with your health data in critical moments when you physically or mentally can't.

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Today, the team and I are so excited to kickstart the public beta of Iris—your modern day emergency alert platform. Through hospital detection, Iris connects you with your loved ones, and your health data with medical professionals in the critical moment when you need it most—especially when you are mentally or physically unable to provide it yourself. How Iris works: -Detects you’re in a hospital, and after 10 minutes reaches out to see if you’re okay via push notification -If you’re not okay and Iris doesn’t hear back, your emergency contacts will be notified by text message -Provides medical professionals with your important medical information through your personal health card right on your iPhone screen. This includes your name, health status, spoken language, daily medications, and more! Iris is in every way a companion to you, your health insurance, and your loved ones. Its goal is to be like any good friend—there when you need it most and whose existence alone is comforting. We’re currently in public beta in Manhattan and Berlin, but we’re quickly rolling out to other cities. Sign up, check it out, and let us know what you think! Myself and the rest of the team will be here answering any questions you may have about how Iris was born, how it works, and where we’re headed. If we're not in your city yet, sign up to be notified when we launch there! <3 Cat
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@imcatnoone Congratulations! What's been the biggest challenge in building Iris? Any plans for 🇮🇪 support?
@imcatnoone Congrats! Where did the original idea for the product come from?
@imcatnoone really smart. Localisation for language will be amazing. Especially if English isn't your first language or vice versa if traveling abroad. Best of luck!
@imcatnoone What a brilliant app! This is fantastic. Great work.
@imcatnoone Congrats! Nice to see something for the greater good :)
Hello everyone, I'm the 1/2 of our engineering team & CTO of Iris & I'm so excited to kickstart the public beta of Iris. The last couple of months we worked on a redesign of the app/ we built the app from the groundup so it can be more accurate in terms of location using Radar []. Like Cat explained we need to be there for you & your loved ones when you're unable to do so. We’re currently in public beta in Manhattan and Berlin, but we’re quickly rolling out to other cities. Sign up, check it out, and let us know what you think! It has been an incredible ride so far & can't wait to see what the future will bring to us. Don't hesitate to send us feedback or any question that you may have. <3 Agis
Hey Cat, this looks absolutely great. Keep up the excellent work!
@nandoodles Nandini, thank you!
Such a great service!! Congratulations Cat 👏👏👏. Just wondering, to the app works fine, is it needed it is checking location all time in order to know where you are (in order to trigger a notification if it detects you are in a hospital)? Just a little concerned about privacy and battery life 🔋📡
@abrahamnavas we're using Geofences to trigger those notifications, so you won't have to worry about battery life too much!
@abrahamnavas Thank you, Abraham! Our lovely engineers could probably give you a much more slick technical answer but I'll do my best ;) So Iris actually doesn't continually track every location/step you take. We only take notice to your location when there's a cell tower change. This allows us to scan the area for hospitals and log it, enabling us to accurately detect you there in the event of an emergency. And then reach out to initially ask if you're okay (this starts the funnel). Privacy and battery were big ones for us. As someone who never has battery by default (ask @bentossel) I couldn't afford to lose any more :) What's more, privacy is big for us—from the way we built the product to the information we have on our servers. We're not just working with info like your favorite movies and what not. We're cognizant of the data we have and we as a team are working hard to be as transparent as possible so it's clear your privacy is top priority for us. Let me know if that answers the question for you or not. Happy to further explain! And thank you again.
@imcatnoone Crystal clear, Cat. 💎 Thank you very much for all those details. 👏
@abrahamnavas Perfect! :) No thanks needed!
Congratulations to the whole team, Cat! I like the philosophy and the design looks great! I'd love to read more about the research and design process. I'd gladly give more feedback when Iris rolls out to my city. Good luck!
@alexmuench Hey Alex! Thanks so much. We're starting to compile a list of topics worth discussing about what you just mentioned. Anything in particular you want to know about? What city are you in? :)
@alexmuench Thank you sooo much Alex, indeed we're planning to write about our design/ engineering process/ some of the challenges that we had to overcome.
@imcatnoone I'm in Nuremberg, Germany. I'd love to know more about things like typography, layout choices, how you think you achieved to design an app for such a big and diverse target group. Did you do any particular testing regarding onboarding etc. Thanks :)