Visual collaboration mind mapping tool for your ideas

Iris is a combination of task manager and mind-map for more flexible and convenient achievement of your goals. It allows you to constantly visualize the whole picture of your goals, tasks, and ideas.

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Hi Everyone! ☺️ Remember us? Two month ago we were here on Product Hunt with our iOS app - Iris. ( We've been humbled by the community feedback, we’ve got around 500 upvotes and got featured in Top Hunts Daily. A lot of you were interested in web version of Iris and now we are happy to present it to you. The web version of Iris has a completely new interface in the node-system. It allows you to constantly visualize the whole picture of your goals, tasks and ideas. The new look is a combination of task manager and mind map principles for more flexible and convenient achievement of your goals. So, how can you start? The steps are very simple. Here’s what you can do with Iris: Set a big Goal • Set all your ideas and thoughts into one big Goal. • Break it down into to a smaller tasks and make it simple. • Add mantra to stay motivated Manage your tasks • Interact with nodes • Rebuild them as you like • Mark them as done Track your progress • Each completed task will be added to the whole percentage of your goal Make effective collaboration • Iris can be used for achieving personal as well as team goals • Invite your friends, family, teammates or co-workers • Share notes and comments for more productive work We are working on our product every day and always glad to hear any feedback. The web version is still fresh, so any of your thoughts are very valuable for us.
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cool idea and neat product. it looks sort of like a fidget spinner :)
@weiluenhuang 😂thanks, that comment just made my day
@weiluenhuang lol fidget spinner 😂
Really cool! But I'm missing info regarding pricing?
@jerrebm it's free! you can start using it right now, just click the button "Get Started for Free" 😉
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@jerrebm @fariza_ Great! planning to go paid in future? (just curious)
@ashwinkumar_k @jerrebm we need to steadily get on our feet first, but then yeah, we are going to offer premium and business account for additional payment.
The idea is awesome!, and I think it would be so helpful for keeping motivated. My advice is: the interface is a little bit confuse (e.g. The header in the dashboard is not intuitive, I have a 'plus' circled button, the user could not be sure what is the functionality of this button until the user presses it. You could use some tooltips to explain this kind of buttons. And something important from my side, I added a subtask to achieve the main goal, but I am not able to edit the bubble size, for this reason, I cannot read the task text. It would be great If I could edit the size of the bubble in order to read better the text.
@sergioruizdavila Thanks a lot for giving some useful advice!We will definitely work on making interface more intuitive and good idea with the resizing bubble 😉👍🏻 We really appreciate your help.
Hey @fariza_ interesting approach. I signed up to the web version, but honestly it just seems a bit feature-light at the moment. Main challenges: - I would struggle to use this for any real form of project management, as the logic you use for a 'goal' to be completed doesn't work for me. So, for example I create a central goal of 'improving environmental outcomes' for a project I'm working with. I then create 3 branches, which are prototypes to respond to 3 discreet sets of challenges I've observed working with them. I then create a set of tasks for each of these 3 prototypes. When I tick off a task, the central goal gets completed by X% which is 1/XX tasks. That's actually not a true reflection of the work that has been completed, unless each bubble = 1 unit. But in reality in a project, each task has a different quantity assigned to it - whether that's hours, difficulty, value or something else. - I can't make any notes about those tasks. I would still need to run an actual task list tool, like Trello, in parallel. - The history panel doesn't log any activity. - The comments icon doesn't seem to do anything. - I don't understand what value the 'Mantra' box provides? It did set me on a path of looking for other visual overview task management tools are out there though, as I tend to default to the 'list view' tools like Trello. I found an interesting one called DropTask ( - I think the level of task integration and project management they've included is really useful, but I actually prefer the mindmap / system map approach where interdependencies are visualised. They also have a neat ability to flick between 'views' so you can also move tasks along a kanban board, or view in a list.Their UI is also very cluttered and has quite a high overhead of learning - I think you've got an opportunity to do something slicker - Todoist meets Iris?
@samrye_enspiral Thanks you've mentioned very good and important points. There's a lot to think about, we still working on some parts and features of our website, that's why it can seem a little inconsistent. 😅 As for Mantra box, we thought that adding mantra to your goal, would help set an intention and reasons on why you are doing it. To stay motivated and maintain a connection to the certain goal you wish to achieve. Right now, we're thinking through this process to make it more useful. We want Iris to help you circle back to the simplistic approach of achieving your goals. That's why we don't want to clutter it with overwhelming functionality, but you're right we do need to add something unique and make our product more flexible. We want to achieve that perfect combination of simple and functional. Thanks a lot again for a valuable feedback, we greatly appreciate it ☺️🤗