Personal assistant in achieving your goals.

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May I have this application in Android?
@sudhakarannadur Thanks for your interest, currently we don't have an Android version, but we are planning to have one πŸ˜‰ how would you feel about web version as well?
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@fariza_ Web version would be great!
@boxingclever Thanks for your enthusiasm ☺ If you want you could subscribe to our updates on to stay in touch and be notified when Android version, or web will be available πŸ‘πŸ»
@fariza_ Yeah that will be great If I have beta access ;)
Hi, we are happy to present our app - Iris. We always do something. We are in a hurry, we jump from one task to another. Often, the tasks become routine and we quickly get tired of them. That's why every action must be defined by goal. Iris is a personal assistant in achieving your goals. Whether you want to climb Everest, write an epic book or just keep your life on track, Iris is here to help you get things done and stay focused. With Iris, you can: β€’ Create goals β€’ Break them down into a smaller sections and tasks β€’ Achieve goals on your own or invite your team: co-workers, firends or family to cooperate with you β€’ Assign tasks to yourself or team members β€’ Comment, add notes and deadline on tasks β€’ Create subtasks if needed β€’ Track the progress of your Goals to stay focused Looking forward to hear what you think :)
@hadifarnoud @sudhakarannadur @boxingclever @surbhi_singla @alimbetova298 @nazym We're always making changes and improvements towards better user experience. Please keep your updates turned on to stay in touch ☺ Any feedback is always welcome! πŸ‘πŸ»
I like the idea of this app. I'd like to see prioritization as a key feature, since we all know "multi-tasking" is in fact the worst things for productivity, but there's a big culture shift that needs to happen before "mono-tasking" is acceptable terminology in the workplace, or even in my personal life!
@monicarmiller Thanks for your feedback, will definitely think of ways to prioritize goals and tasks πŸ‘πŸ»
Dear friends, we have an update! A new 1.2 version is here! We've focused on making experience a bit smoother for everyone: β€’ Design touchups β€’ Minor bugfixes and performance improvements We'll bring regular updates so you can have the best experience. If you have any feedback, please share your thoughts on AppStore page or let us know at Yours, Iris Team