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Ringtones, your iPhone, your computer, & iTunes. One of these things is not like the others; one of these things just doesn't belong...

Our desktop app iRingg not only spares you the pain of dealing with iTunes, it does so with style & entertainment. It's a 2 in 1 app to create a unique ringtone + push Into iPhone in One-Click.

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  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, great fun


    only one issue, finer control over trimming would be nice 😉

    I'm a WALTR2 user and just love Softorino's software, they make great apps that really make life easier when it comes to transferring audio/video files to iOS.

    I got in early by pre-ordering and it is definitely one of the coolest apps I have used recently.

    Keep up the great work Josh and the Softorino team.

    Craig Paterson has used this product for one week.
  • Joey Castellon
    Joey CastellonNewbie Filmmaker

    Softorino makes amazing products for your iOS devices


    First (Windows) version is very buggy. Wish license was cross-platform

    Having used products like WALTR and SYC2 (YouTube downloader), pre-ordering iRingg was a no brainer to me. Though I was slightly disappointed with the bugs in the release version, I am confident upcoming updates will address them and make this app even better.

    Joey Castellon has used this product for one week.


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Josselin Colletta
Josselin Colletta@josselinco · VR/AR Maker @Black Euphoria
Made me think of the simplicity and efficiency of WALTR. Went to browse their (great) website, and it’s actually the same team ! ;-) Cool ad, by the way. Any chance you’d join Setapp ?
Josh Brown
Josh BrownMaker@joshsoftorino · Marketing Director, Softorino Ltd.
@josselinco Thank you so much for the feedback, Josselin! We try to keep the simplicity of WALTR in all of our products – so I'm glad that you noticed it in iRingg. As for Setapp, we don't have any plans for that right now 🙂
Davis Baer
Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Co-Founder of OneUp
Not sure why, but I suddenly want a Chalupa and a Crunchwrap Supreme...
Josh Brown
Josh BrownMaker@joshsoftorino · Marketing Director, Softorino Ltd.
@daviswbaer Lol. 😂 You're right – the icon does look like the Tacobell logo. But honestly, we only figured that out after having the finalized product.
Julián Abad
Julián Abad@jabadhid · Digital Marketing & Innovation
Is it possible to push the ring not to ringtones but to alert tones? So we can customise notifications like Whatsapp?
Josh Brown
Josh BrownMaker@joshsoftorino · Marketing Director, Softorino Ltd.
@jabadhid I wish :( Since iOS 11, Apple made it impossible to create custom Alert Tones. iTunes itself only makes one Media Kind available for them: Ringtone. That cannot be changed. Unfortunately, the only company that can give you custom notifications in WhatsApp is WhatsApp themselves 😔
Josh Brown
Josh BrownMaker@joshsoftorino · Marketing Director, Softorino Ltd.
First of all – @chrismessina thanks for hunting iRingg 🙏. I'm Josh – one of the guys behind all Softorino products (the same team that brought you WALTR). Because transferring ringtones into iPhone using iTunes can be frustrating, we've launched iRingg – a revolutionary solution to let you not only drag & drop ringtones into iPhone… But also have fun with creating unique ones. (We are the only app in the 🌏World that can do this) It's an iPhone ringtone studio, iTunes alternative, & everything in between. *How does it work?* Create the ringtone. Then simply connect the app to your iPhone using Wi-Fi or cable and hit export. We've used our SAC technology from our past critically-acclaimed apps, WALTR 2 & SYC 2. *What makes iRingg so special:* 🧠 "6Sense" technology – every time you launch the app it suggests a new selection of tracks that you can easily turn into ringtones. Alternatively, choose your local mp3 file or any YT or SoundCloud track using the in-app browser. 🤪 Trim, add SoundMoji & Voice intro (+effects) – add a personal touch to the ringtone using cool sound effects and completely change its mood and feel. 🔎 1,000,000 Ringtone selection – make a ringtone out of anything on the Internet. 📲 direct to iPhone transfer (first in the World) – In 1-click, you can wirelessly transfer your new ringtone into iPhone's default ringtones section. 🎞 Ultra-fun ads – what's there to explain? Just watch the vids 🔝😆 Also, please know that iRingg is a desktop app and it's available for both, macOS & Windows. So Product Hunters :) Go ahead and give it a try. It's free to try. I promise it will put a smile on your face. Have fun with it and let me know if you have ANY questions, suggestions or cool feature requests!
Joey Castellon
Joey Castellon@joeybobc · Newbie Filmmaker
@chrismessina @joshsoftorino I love Softorino products. I have WALTR and pre-ordered both SYC2 and iRingg. My only wish is that future products have cross-platform licenses, at least for early adopters :wink:
Victor V. Basyul
Victor V. Basyul@victorbasyul
Thanks for the product, guys! I really like the idea of having customized ringtones, it makes it way more personalized. The strategy "differentiate or die" works really well here. Good luck! :)
Josh Brown
Josh BrownMaker@joshsoftorino · Marketing Director, Softorino Ltd.
@victorbasyul Hell yeah! Victor, thank you for the kind words.