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I am curious how the hashtags are selected and sorted. So the suggestions are purely what instagram's api reports? Any plans to sort by popularity, trendiness, or 'likes per tag'?
@joefitness it combines 2 API calls (hashtags containing search term & a collection recent media with hashtag) then uses an internal scoring system to rank it. It looks at a number of things: - Total times a hashtag appears globally - Total times a hashtag appears from the recent media search - Number of likes each hashtag's media has I will most likely be open sourcing it soon if you are technical and am interested in the code. Great question though and I will keep it in mind for the next round of updates, thanks Joe. is built on Meteor + React, and uses the Instagram API to bring the relevant hashtag suggestions to you. Ultimately by using this product, you get more likes and followers for your post or marketing campaign ;) Feel free to ask me any questions :) The URL is
Really slick use of Meteor + React! Lovin' the simplicity.
@techvoltz Thanks a lot!! :)
So what would be the best way to use this? Select the hashtags, paste on you messenger chat and then pick them up from the phone? Or use this website on phones?
@emericvictor thanks for your comment! Here's the recommended usage:
Later I might wrap it into an app.
As an active Instagram poster, my usual approach to finding tags is to start a search in the native iOS app, eg. #rva then see what gets auto-suggested after that (#rvadine, #rvanews, etc). The Instagram iOS app shows the count of tags used, so I can get an idea of how popular they are, which is important to make sure you picking tags that are likely to have a good following (or let's be realistic, have people's scripts/bots following them to auto-like). I've recently started using to plan my posting schedule ahead of time, but they don't have tag auto-suggestions from what I can tell. I can see where can fill that gap and help do asynchronous (not when I'm in the app about to post) tag research. I would love to see the addition of tag volumes (and trends, which would be new information not in the Instagram app) - that would make it even more valuable!
@busse agree here - would really love to see the recommendations (which are great) quantified in some manner, like Instagram does with it's suggestions
@busse thanks for the recommendations! I'll keep it in mind for the next round of updates.