An embarrassingly simple API that gives your applications and sites the fast, reliable and useful IP geolocation data you need.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
what are the sources of information? c:
@reepush We process many sources including Maxmind, ip2location and different data-sets that we have curated over the past few years
Feels like OneSignal for location. Pretty cool product
This will be useful in so many use cases!
@empresso4 I can imagine! Let us know what you do with it 😄
I think IPTrace has been merged into IPStack. In case of IPStack, if it is being used on the client-side, it does not provide the security to keep your API secure from potential “theft.” This means your API key is vulnerably exposed to everyone if it is being used on the client-side. To overcome this problem, I think is the best option.It is more secure than IPStack. It provides a safety-cover (Request Origin) which lets you make API calls on your client-side without an API key. Besides API security, has other features (high accuracy, least latency and relatively more economical) that makes it to stand among most efficient IP geolocation APIs available in the market.