Create an eye catching resume in minutes, then go land the job you've been dreaming of. Just select from our range of templates, fill in your deets, and you're done! Best of all, it's completely free, with no hidden costs, and no premium tier.
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@harrison_codes Thanks for your career help!
@mikeyeva thanks so much for trying! :)
Hey, pretty cool builder with minimal designs. Love it. Although, the skill levels weren't reflecting for me, everything had full bars.
@blankface47 Thanks for feedback and the bug report! I'll take a look at this and sort it out soon.
@harrison_codes Once you fix that, I'm definitely using your product.
@blankface47 Hey Divyanshu, I *think* this problem should be fixed now, there was a bug with the skills display with one of the templates (Yew). Let me know if it's still not looking right for you :)
Great product! I love how you can fill in your details in the separate fields, as I often struggle with formatting when using other templates.
@alinnahq Thanks so much! :)
This is great! Will definitely have a go at this when making a new resume :) I've added some feedback for the landing page and overall userflow here, in case you were interested: Great product and love the usability! Congrats!
@christian_piponides Hey Christian, thanks so much for the feedback, this is super useful! I really appreciate it. Also, the app you've use for the feedback is really cool too, haven't seen that one before.
@harrison_codes Thanks! It's quite useful for pinpointing comments I think - like Figma, for websites :)
This looks awesome. Nice, easy to use product. :) Future integration would be to post your new resume straight to your profile or Linkedin, etc..
@heather_potter Thanks Heather :) these are great suggestions, adding them to the roadmap!