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Curated list of publicly traded tech companies. πŸ¦„

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This is pretty awesome. Really interesting stuff on here to flick through and @jrdngonen good to see another product you've been a part of! Questions for the team: How did this come about? Whats the story? And how did you collect all the info and choose to display what you have?
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@bentossell – Thank you Ben! πŸ˜„ The short story behind it is that right after Snap's recent IPO we got curious and decided to check out some other IPO filings. However, most of them were (obviously) very long and unreadable. πŸ™„ Therefore we decided to collect data from the legal IPO filings of the biggest tech companies and provide it in a much more readable way. We got most of the financial documents from NASDAQ and then extracted data from those. We focused on the most relevant statistics, as well as interesting quotes from the documents. πŸ“
@sebyddd @bentossell thanks ben! Was super interesting building this
@sebyddd @bentossell would be cool if you guys added a section for 10-Q and 10-K since there's no 1 place to read these quarterly/annual updates either
@tzhongg @bentossell That's actually a great idea Tiffany! We will look into it
Hey PH! 😻 Sebastian here. This weekend, Jordan, Henry and I decided to put up a directory of the biggest tech IPOs. πŸ’° For some backstory, following Snap’s IPO we realized how unreadable the legal fillings really are and therefore we decided to do something about it. We researched the most valuable tech IPOs and cherry-picked data with the goal of displaying it in a sexy way. We really hope you like it and we’re super open to feedback! Leave your thoughts in here πŸš€ Cheers, Sebastian
@sebyddd maybe it will be good to add the date of IPO for this line: * Stats are from time of IPO (2015) Because people will be surprised when see that Apple valuation is $101.2M :D But on the 1980.
@perpetuous Good idea! Thanks Sergey πŸ˜ƒ
Super interesting idea!
@petrhon Thank you Peter! I am glad you like it! :)
Nice would be great to see userbase growth rate at a time of IPO as well
@matveyich Thanks for the suggestion! We'll add it soon. :)
Very interesting stuff.