1,500 free IP address lookups per day. One, quick request.

IPLocate is a powerful IP geolocation API with 1,500 free requests per day. And for those free requests, you don't need an API key, so you can get started with one line of code.

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Really easy to get started with, pre made library for Node was awesome


Fast response time, accurate data



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Well such kind of service is not easy to build, because you need some really good data. I assume you take the RIPE information as basis. I'm honestly not satisfied with the result and have seen other service being more accurate than this one.


Lots of free requests

good response time


accuracy is below tolerance that it can be of use - it can't resolve cities in Germany

prices are very expensive WTF 1500 a day this web site give 4000 reauest a day https://ipfinder.io/
Which IP geolocation API you should use?... It depends upon your demands. If data accuracy, latency in an economic price are on your top priorities, ipgeolocation.io can be the best option for you. It has weekly updated the vast database, highly accurate (99% at the country level and 75% at the city level), having the least latency (average response time=32ms) and also price economical.