Scan food products to check for allergens

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This is a nice tool designed to save people food allergies time when shopping - instead of having to review an ingredients list to see if it's safe for them to eat, they can just scan the barcode and the app will tell them! You can create a blacklist of ingredients, so it's also useful if you're just trying to cut out a certain food for nutritional reasons.
@riaface Thanks for hunting ipiit and the review - means a lot to us!! Hope to go live in UK soon! Cheers, ipiit team
Wow! How cool is that! My kid has multiple food allergies and I see how this could help me save so much time looking through the ingredient tables :) Brilliant idea! Perhaps this is in your plan already but I think instead of going for food ambassadors and getting them involved in scanning your database I think you should go directly to leading food stores and convince them to get involved.
@kristapslazda Thanks for the great review! We gather our product data from different sources - many stores unfortunately don't have full product info but definitely a work in progress...thanks! Take care, ipiit team
Excellent idea! Huge market... Look forward to trying out.
@janesmike Thanks! We really appreciate it! Cheers, ipiit team