iPhone X Web-Viewer is a fun and satire product from the guys at Kreativgebiet. The new notch on the iPhone X is a little annoying when using the phone in landscape mode. That's why we made this. Don't take this too serious, though.

  • Sam Ayres
    Sam AyresWeb developer

    The idea


    It doesn't work

    I was curious to see what my portfolio would look like but that didn't work so I tried a few popular websites that also didn't work. Also there is no portrait support.

    I'm sure with improvements this can be a really useful site.

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    Very misleading.

    Not a correct representation of how iPhone X handles websites.

    I'm sorry, but this isn't at all accurate. When you view a website on iPhone X (that hasn't been especially optimised for iPhone X), it automatically adds margin down the left and right so that the notch and rounded corners do NOT obscure any content.

    See these screenshots:

    iPhone X Tester: http://spdr.me/gdl8C

    Official iPhone Simulator: http://spdr.me/XSyGgP

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Doesn't make sense to me, you'll never see your website like this on your iPhoneX
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Is this just an iframe with a div for the notch, not the actual user agent for the screen of the iPhone X - or am I missing something?
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portrait mode?
@escapehatchco There's nothing special about that I guess.
Check Thomas Fuchs' tweets about this "issue": https://twitter.com/thomasfuchs/...
Doesn't work !!