iPhone X Web-Viewer is a fun and satire product from the guys at Kreativgebiet. The new notch on the iPhone X is a little annoying when using the phone in landscape mode. That's why we made this. Don't take this too serious, though.

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Doesn't make sense to me, you'll never see your website like this on your iPhoneX
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Is this just an iframe with a div for the notch, not the actual user agent for the screen of the iPhone X - or am I missing something?
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I was curious to see what my portfolio would look like but that didn't work so I tried a few popular websites that also didn't work. Also there is no portrait support.

I'm sure with improvements this can be a really useful site.


The idea


It doesn't work

you need to put whole address in link bar with https: first it wasn't working for me as well.
Hey Sam! The creator here. As the description points out, this is more of a satirical page. I just thought about the bezel and created this page. So don't take it too serious.

This will *not* be how the iPhone X—or any app developer with more than half a brain—handles "the notch". This "simulation" is like an angry child.




This satire is quite foolish. I like good satire; this is just whiney.

portrait mode?
@escapehatchco There's nothing special about that I guess.