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#5 Product of the DayOctober 24, 2014
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iOS goodies was created with this thought in mind: create the best weekly curated iOS content ads free. We have been working every week, on our own free time, to give the community exactly that. Besides that, we try to push for unknown authors that, although have a great insight and knowledge about the iOS ecosystem, are relatively new to the community. Hopefully, we will be able to improve with your feedback. Thanks @nikkielizdemere. :)
A few years back, I started to do this under the 'iOS Dev Goodies' moniker, but ultimately didn't keep it up. I'd kick the @iosdevgoodies Twitter handle over to @ruiaaperes if he wanted it, but looks like you already have iosgoodies. Well done!
I follow this mailing list to stay tuned about the newest iOS development Goodies. Hope you enjoy it!
Thank you all for the support! Thank you @nikkielizdemere for adding both me and @RuiAAPeres to the discussion. We are always looking for feedback to improve our content curation. We would love to get some feedback from you guys.
Nice! It seems to me like if objcio and Benedict Evans had a child together
One of the best feedbacks we ever had :p. Thanks @francescu .