iOS Development E-Book Bootcamp

Learn to code & build iOS apps withΒ no experience for $0 πŸ’»πŸ“±

We're beyond excited to bring you our iOS Development E-Book Bootcamp – an 800+ page e-book provided for free by Devslopes. πŸ™Œ It is intended for complete beginners. Read it on our site or download the ePub for free. 😁

You'll go through:

πŸ’» Learning to code in Swift

🚲 Beginner iOS

πŸš— Next Step iOS

🏎 Intermediate iOS

🎨 App Design

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Hey Hunters πŸ‘‹ We are so stoked to share this resource with you here today. I’m Caleb from Devslopes – we’ve taught 250,000+ people how to build amazing apps, websites, games, and blockchain projects. Our specialty? Taking complex topics and making them accessible to complete beginners. πŸ‘ Our students are from all over the world in amazingly unique walks of life. One student built and sold an app to Glu Games for $500K in 2016 and now runs a freelance app development business. Another beginner student built and launched his own entrepreneur social network in 3 months. We’ve even taught Redfoo (yes, from LMFAO). 🀘 Here’s what he had to say about our platform:
In this book, you’ll journey through: πŸ’» Learning to code in Swift 🚲 Beginner iOS πŸš— Next Step iOS 🏎 Intermediate iOS 🎨 App Design We wrote this book because learning to code can be tough. Our CEO, @markprice taught himself how to write code in 2007 completely on his own. It was one of the most difficult experiences of his life. Resources were few, and support was non-existent. 😿 Today is a lot different. Learning to code is now a "thing" and resources are everywhere. We wanted you to be able to carry along a guided learning path you can learn from at any convenient time. 😺 You have been set on a path for success. That doesn't mean that learning how to code is going to be easy. It probably won't be. You are going to get discouraged. You are going to tell yourself, "I don't have the brain for this" and you're going to want to give up. You are going to run into cyber-coder bullies who will belittle your coding skills and tell you that unless you have a degree in computer science, you aren't a real programmer. As you read this book, I want to give you some advice to keep you on the straight and narrow when discouragement sets in: πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ Don't EVER compare yourself to other programmers. Compete against yourself. Someone will always be more skilled than you. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ You DO belong here in the world of programming. No matter what anyone says. You have unique talents as a programmer that other programmers do not. 🀯 If the learning is painful and your brain is broken, then you are doing it right. Pain brings growth. The last and most important thing I could ever tell you as you are learning how to code is this - Learn EVERY single day and do some hands-on coding EVERY single day. πŸ€“ We wanted to share this book with you for free to download and share as you please. πŸ“š Enjoy and be sure to ask any questions you may think of. 😊 --- If you enjoy the book, we'd love to give a PH exclusive $50 discount on our Apple Slope. 😻 171 hours of comprehensive video content covering the topics in this book and MUCH more. Use the coupon code APPLE_PHX1 for $50 off the Apple Slope. NOTE: The ePub file is 70 MB because of there are lots of images so downloading might take a while!

Highly recommend these folks.


Devslopes was one of the first resources that actually got me developing a functioning App away from the tutorial apps.



Drew, this is amazing! We're so honored that we were a part of your developer journey. Thanks for sharing your review. 😁
You the man Drew!

You really need to check this book out whether you're a beginner or more advanced


Devslopes is the BEST place to learn online!



Thanks, Ben! We're so stoked that you have enjoyed the book so far and our content too!
Thanks for the kind words Ben!
I am follwIng and learning from Devslopes for more then 2 years. They are amazing group of ppl and this product is something that will help to everyone who wants to really dive to iOS
@slavo7dev Thanks so much for your commitment and loyalty! We're so grateful to have awesome students like you. What's been your favorite project you've built? 😁
@gurucaleb its hard to say, cause all projects are fun ...and when u start as a totaly beginner you are so impressed even with one line of code. those beginner projects you will remember always... but you move fast and start doing advance algorithms and projects .. and every time you solve problem or finish project you feel great and happy .... Well Done ... for iOS & Android you are kings :):):) I can proudly say that i learn programming from scratch with devslopes!!
@slavo7dev So happy to hear it. The beginner projects are some of my favorite as well. They're so fun and you just want to show them off to friends and family, but by the end you're making things that would impress a future boss!
I can vouch for devslopes, learnt a ton from their udemy courses, so much that I quit my job and became a full time iOS developer and now even teacher too! Mark has done a great job and the team is really a nice bunch! Congrats on top hunt of the day!
@londonrom This is incredible! Life changing stuff! Thanks for telling us about your successes – we get so stoked to hear what our awesome students do. 😁